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  • Garage door winter cold keypad fix, replace, new code, repair or clean contacts (2/11/2019) by Blair Gilbert

    Repairing a garage door opener keypad is easy enough. You may have to try different solutions to fix the problem.

    Start the garage door opener keypad repair by looking over the manual for advice for common problems. The answer could be an incorrect code or no power.

    Cold weather affects the connections due to temperature or condensation. Also, dirt from construction or lawn debris after many seasons can build-up over the contacts.

    Changing the code works sometimes because over time the buttons wear on the same numbers. This works if you have used the same number for years or only use the same row of numbers like 4-5-6.

    Check the power because it could be the broken or loose wire connection, tripped breaker or dead battery.

    One customer lost his garage door opener code after a power outage.

    Finally, replace the garage keypad with a universal garage door opener keypad, like Chamberlain.

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