Caulk the Bathroom Fast, Easy – Counter, Tub, Tile, Sink – Finger Tool

Caulk in the bathroom needs to look good, particularly around the sink, counter, tub, tile and sink.

Caulk is messy, and the counter, tile, sink and tub get a lot of water. Here’s how to get the job done quickly, but still make it look like it was done by a pro.

Tools – toilet paper, damp rag, caulking, your finger

The most important things are: Keep the finger clean and wet, and throw away the used toilet paper mess.

1. Force the caulking into the meeting of the bathroom surfaces.

2. Drag your damp finger over 4 inches of counter gap to remove the excess caulking.

3. Wipe your finger onto the toilet paper.

4. Then wipe your finger on the damp rag to clean and wet.

5. Repeat dragging damp finger, and wiping on toilet paper and damp rag.

6. Overlap the caulked area.

7. Throw away toilet paper often to avoid mess.

Caulk ensures a good seal. The bathroom counter, sink, tub and the tiles always have water splashed on them. By caulking well, you will have an attractive room and water-tight fixtures.