Convert a Closet into a Cedar Closet in a Few Hours – Under $100

Adding a cedar lining to a closet is a quick, long lasting determent against pests like moths to protect clothing, blankets and other fabrics. The fresh, long lasting scent is a pleasure every time the closet door is opened.

A 15 square foot kit costs about $40, I used two kits to line halfway up the walls in a 4’ x 4’ closet. The planks are easily cut with any saw, miter box, circular saw, saber saw or hand saw.

I took one wall at a time, laid out the planks on a table so they measured 1/4” less than the width of the wall after I cut the last plank. I made several rows and using small dobs of construction adhesive and small finish nails, tacked the planks, with the tongue up, to the wall. The nails hold the planks to the wall until the construction adhesive cures.

Each row connects to the one below in a tongue and groove manner and by staggering the planks gives the wall some strength.

Now, 10-years later the closet still blows me away every time I open the door.

Cedar is used as an organic, natural scent against insects like termites, certain ants, moths, mosquitoes, and cockroaches, and is preferred over pesticides or chemicals. It has a nice, clean, fresh odor that will deter these pests.

Eastern red cedar, aka aromatic red cedar, is the only cedar to give the most scent to repel moths and insects.

Cedar absorbs humidity aiding the prevention of mold and mildew, protecting fabrics like wool. Because cedar absorbs moisture, be careful about wet coats, clothes and boots. The scent of the cedar fades over time.

The cedar may be renewed by sanding its exterior using fine sandpaper during or at the end of each season.

The simplest way to refresh a cedar closet is cedar oil. This keeps the wood moist.

Do not wipe cedar wood with wet cloths because it may stain the wood by raising the grain.

To clean, use a lint-free white cloth with white vinegar, but not too damp. Then let the wood dry, and repeat for cleaner, fresher results if spots or odors remain.