Dog Swim Boat Ramp – Simple Cheap Build For Easy In And Out

Get the dog in on and off the boat with a DIY boat ramp with this simple build. Bend the PVC at home, and add the pet proof screening and a life preserver for the float.

I used 1” (schedule 40, not thinwall) PVC pipe. Using a heat gun I bent the pipe so it would protrude 66” from the boat. (I have made several for different dogs), usually to a length so it stored nicely on the boat.) Make 2 pieces to match and join them with a pvc coupling to achieve a width to suit your dog and the storage area on board.

Then I made 3 separators to stiffen the width of the ramp and by cutting 45% of the back of the tee I was able to snap it over the long sides of the ramp w/out having to cut the sides into short pieces weakening them. I need another video….

Using small stainless screws, #6 x 3/4” long to pin the tees into the long side. I added a piece of metal shelving the the boat end of the ramp (about 12”) to give Finn a more solid base to jump up onto the boat.

I then stretched Pet Proof Window Screen across the rails to create a ‘trampoline’ for the dog to walk on, still using the #6 x 3/4” screws.

Then I bent 1/4” x 1” aluminum bar stock (usually only sold in 6’ lengths) into a ‘z’ shape so I could drop the ramp a few inches below the deck, thus lowering the angle of the ramp relative to the water.

I drilled 3/16” holes through the top so I could pop-rivet it to the bottom of the pontoon deck. Then a 1/2” hole in the bottom of the ‘z’ to make it easy to use a 3/8” tubing to attach the pvc rails to the bracket.

I added a boat cushion to the top to give Finn something to climb up on and to add a little buoyancy. Then a few ‘noodles’ attached underneath to add even more buoyancy.