Furnace filter too fine restricts air, can shut down or cooler heating

WHICH WAY TO POINT THE FILTER ARROW The easy answer is to point the arrow towards the furnace, which is correct 49 out of 50 times.

The airflow pushes the filter media against the reinforced side of the filter keeping it in shape and strong. This being said I want to bring up common fall failures many of us do going into the heating season.

FURNACE FILTER This the first and most important maintenance item on a furnace. Let it get clogged up with dust and it will take down the efficiency of the furnace. Sometimes too clogged a filter causes the airflow to slow so much the heat exchanger becomes overheated and causes a furnace to ‘limit out’ and shut down. If you haven’t changed it lately get a new one and start the heating season out right.

HUMIDIFIER Most residential furnaces have a humidifier to add water to the air adding comfort, better health and better living conditions. They use a media that suspends the water so it can evaporate into the warm air raising the humidity in a home. Whenever water evaporates it leaves behind mineral crystals that harden and reduce the efficiency of the unit wasting water. Like the air filter, change the humidifier pad this fall and start winter out right. Also some pads as they get used can support mold growth, increasing your need to take a look at it every few months, especially just before the season.

AIR CONDITIONER CONDENSER COVER Before leaves start to fall get a cover for you A/C condenser to protect it for the winter. It is not a good idea to cover the unit too tightly because it can cause moisture to build up inside of the cabinet. Cover the top but don’t drag a cover all the way to the ground to allow airflow, otherwise trapped moisture may rust and damage parts.