How to Save an Electronic Ballast Fluorescent Fixture With LED Bulbs

There are four basic types of LED bulbs. One is a retro bulb that will work with the existing Balast, which I think is a waste of electricity because the ballast is using electricity. Two, A bulb that will receive 120 V directly from one end, and three, a bulb that receives half of the 120 at one end of the bulb and half of the electricity at the other end of the bulb. Lastly is a combination bulb that can be wired any of the 3 ways. If you are Capable it is best to disconnect the ballast and wire directly to the bulb.

When converting a broken electronic fixture that uses fluorescent tubes into a LED fixture follow these basic steps.

1. Disassemble the end of the fixture where the power cord goes in and see if you can locate the electronic ballast and remove it but don’t cut the wires until you have to.

2. Know where the wires come off of the electronic ballast and go to the tomb stones ‘connectors that the bulb attaches to’ to see if you can use ‘end feed’ LED tubes or if you can use ‘shunted’ LED tubes. It’s important to know that you have a choice because one maybe more expensive than the other and if you can wire your fixture either way pick the way that’s most economical.

3. Connect the power cord wires to the respective wires to feed the LED tube, you must use the diagram that comes with the tubes, and you can either wire in or bypass the switch if the fixture has one.

Hopefully this project can come off as easy for you as it has been for me.