Hurricane Tie Down Straps for Mobile Home to Secure Frame , Roof Anchor

Mobile homes and Manufactured homes that are in high wind areas need to be strapped down. Even new construction homes require ‘hurricane’ straps to secure roof trusses and other construction appendages.

Usually mobile homes are strapped from the metal frame underneath to the earth to keep them stable in high winds. The straps can connect to ‘earth anchors’ that are long rods with plate like screws that thread into the ground (about 5’ deep) and keep the building from blowing away. Footings and cement are also used to secure a hurricane strap.

What I learned on 2 mobile homes I’m working on here is Florida is that they had ‘roof over’ straps built into the structure. Not all do, and in my case they were cut off below the siding and only the frame straps below the structure were used. My guess is that they are a little ‘unsightly’ and weren’t deemed necessary.

With hurricanes seemingly stronger, or there are more mobile homes and hence more damage count, I was happy to use the external straps and the frame straps to better secure my ‘tin house’.

Like me, you will need a professional to determine if your building has ‘roof over’ straps or remove the first 3’ of siding and see if the straps are hiding there. Once done you may have an easier job of securing wind insurance for your building.