Install a wireless video audio doorbell for home security by Alula

The Alula wireless video audio doorbell has microphone and speaker with motion detection and 16 GB storage viewable from your smart phone through wifi.

It lets you see, hear, speak and record people at your door using its Alula app or some other. The camera records at 2048*1536 and 15fps with its 2.2mm lens. It has on-board SD card storage of 16GB (expandable to 128 GB, built-in microphone and speaker, PIR detection, using 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi, only needing 16VAC power supply. The Alula has additional accessories, angle adjustment bracket and Wi-Fi chime.

To install:
Test the doorbell transform that it is at least 16 volts. Replace if less.
Shut off doorbell power to the doorbell at the circuit breaker or disconnect transformer.
Connect the included wire harness power kit to the wire harness.
Remove your chime cover, then the chime wires.
Connect the new wire harness to the chime terminals, and harness.
Mount power kit to the chime unit and replace cover.

Remove your doorbell button.
Mark for the drill holes on the level plate and insert the plastic anchors.
Install either the flat or angle plate.
Wire the Alula doorbell to the chime wire with the U-shaped wires. Polarity isn’t unless you have a second doorbell.
Attach doorbell to the mounting plate.
Turn on the circuit breaker or reconnect the transformer.
Connect to which ever app you wish.
Wait for the battery to charge and test.