Nylon disc pad for paint removal, cleaning of wood, metal, brick with drill or grinder

These paint and rust strippers easily remove or clean finishes from wood, metal and other surfaces. The flexible discs are made of a nylon Scotch-Bright™ material and fit a standard electric drill or angle grinder.

This stripping product conforms to the contours and curves of your work surface and reduces any gouging. They are designed to strip with minimal material loss and will not damage the surface like wire brushes would scratch.

Move quickly. Moving the stripper disc too slowly creates heat. The heat will melt the paint or finish. The melted finish will clog the pad and will reduce the results and increase your time.

The paint and rust strippers come in both heavy and light duty options. They work on cement, ceramic, scale and plastics.

The pads remove oxidation and will clean up weld lines. They are also useful for automotive repairs like preparing areas for auto body filler, fixing dents and removing rust, paint and under coating.

The discs are sold as Black Hawk™ Easy Strip and Clean Discs, and Strip N Clean. They are also sold by 3M™ Paint and Rust Stripper.

Uses include:

  • Removes paint, rust, scaling, glue and other adhesives
  • Cleans weld lines and weld splatter Works on wood, metal, brick, plastics, cement
  • Clears surfaces with little material lost or gouging
  • Auto body surface preparation