Rope caulk will stop drafts from windows and doors like weatherstripping

Rope caulk is a band of tacky caulking material to stop drafts for a weather-resistant seal.

It is essentially a long rope of putty on a roll. It works by filling the gaps and cracks around windows, doors or areas that have infiltrating cold drafts, air, moisture, condensation, dirt, odors and insects. The compound is like putty, malleable and pliable, does not harden or dry out, and adheres to most surfaces. It is easily removed without leaving marks.

Rope caulk is a no-mess product for almost any caulking application. Each roll is a pre-formed ribbon in strips 3/16” wide. I use a band 1 ½” of 8 strips. This lets me tear off and roll a 1 strip wide strand for a small gap, or 8 strips wide for large gaps. I’ve heard it called fingertip caulk because of how it is applied.

Clean and dry window and areas where the drafts are coming, or else the rope caulk will not adhere properly to the gap. Roll the rope caulk along the gap, tear it off, and press into the gap.

I like removable caulk. After the winter, it is simple to peel it off to open the windows again. Get weatherstripping indoors or out without a caulking gun. It will save you money on heating costs and make your house more comfortable.

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