Rust Inhibitor – Aspho – Stop, Convert Rust to Add Life To Your Stuff

Ospho Rust Remover Treatment ($16) stops rust and prepares rusted surfaces for painting. It converts iron oxide (rust) into iron phosphate to be painted.

This chemical reaction creates a surface that retards rust, and makes it ready for paint.

Skyco Ospho comes in pints to 1 gallon.

It’s also called a rust reformer, inhibitor, neutralizer and rust dissolver.

Ospho is a liquid and good for 600 square feet per gallon.

On a rusted surface, it chemically reacts with iron oxide (rust) to become to iron phosphate. Iron phosphate is a hard, inert material that turns the metal black.

When using, protect your concrete with a tarp because it will eat the cement.

And don’t inhale Ospho when you spray, or get it on you because it may burn.