Solar West Panels are Good – Home Roof Electric – Consultant Facts

Is it right for you? Yes. I like west and south facing for the panels because that’s the most bang for buck. Late day energy is expensive, so west is good. South is greatest generation direction.

Sunlight: Your home needs good sun exposure, ideally with south-facing roof space. Shady areas reduce efficiency. Electricity bill: Solar makes sense if you have high electricity bills and predictable usage.

Panels: Convert sunlight to electricity. Size depends on needs, roof space.

Inverter: Converts DC (direct current) from panels to AC (alternating current) for your home.

Battery (optional): Stores excess solar energy for use at night/cloudy days.

Costs and savings: There’s a significant initial cost for purchasing and installing a system. Range $2.60 – $3.90 per kWh, without batteries.

Financing: Many options include loans, PACE programs, leasing the system from a provider.

Savings: reduced electricity bills and Federal tax edits Long-term: Solar panels typically last 25+ years.

Consumer Guide to Home Solar: is a good starting point.

Quotes: Get quotes from multiple qualified installers.

Understand the contract: Be sure you understand financing terms, warranties, and maintenance requirements.

Roof condition: Roof needs to be in good shape to support solar panels.

Homeownership: Solar installations can add value to your home. Leases or PPAs (power purchase agreements) require agreements when selling home.