Speed Wiring and Quick Connects Failure in Electrical Receptacle

Speed Wiring and Quick Connects are not secure in the electric receptacles can disconnect and will eventually fail. To ensure connections, tighten wires using the screws.

This issue of speed wiring is one that has opinions on both sides of a problem. I am old school and I do things from that perspective and being in retail hardware for 45 years has given me an insight into many things that cause problems for home repair. That being said, my opinion of the speed wiring, or pushing a wire in a slot and being retained by a spring loaded plate is not a great long term procedure for installing plugs/receptacles.

The problem with speed wiring or some quick connect is receptacles are usually installed in a series with power from the panel to the first one, then to another and another. Commonly 10 receptacles in a row all dependent on the prior one for electricity.

If a wire comes loose from a quick connect, then and all the others downstream are now dead.

I have seen more issues with speed wiring than any other failures and hence I recommend against wiring with that system.

Another trick a great electrician, and friend (now deceased) taught me was to tighten wires twice. That’s to say when you tighten a wire around a screw (the same direction as the screw being tightened) , when possible a few minutes later tighten the screw again, and you’ll find you get another 1/4 of a turn.