Underground Downspout Strainer That Really Works

This video highlights the efficiency of our underground downspout gutter strainer filter. For the houses that have quality gutter guards on the roof, this should not be a problem. But for those without a gutter guard system, this is the next best thing.

It is one of the most efficient and best self-cleaning underground downspout gutter strainer filters I have found. Most underground downspout failures come from leaves and debris that fill and clog the underground pipe from the outlet all the way back to the house. By the time one notices the failure, there will be 5 feet of rotting leaves clogging the pipe leaving a painful slimy mess to remove.

The weakness of this strainer filter is maple tree ‘helicopters’ seeds when some slip through the vents on the grid-type gutter guards. On those underground downspout strainer filter houses, I use a ‘pop-up’ type outlet in the lawn because it self cleans most of the helicopters most of the time. I find that every year or two, I can get a handful of crud out of the pop-up or strainer-type. I use both on different homes, and either type is usually painless.