Basement Bathroom jackhammer floor saw sewer pipe Fernco PVC plumbing

Basement Bathroom – How to jackhammer floor, saw sewer line, attach Fernco, do PVC plumbing

Here is the follow-up to the Floor Jacks Raising the Basement Ceiling
Raising Floor Jacking Basement Ceiling Sagging Flooring Jacks – Mr. Hardware

A temporary wall was erected to support the 2 ceramic-tiled 1st floor bathrooms. The weight was preventing the bathroom door from closing and the wall was cracking. By raising up the 1st floor with basement floor jacks, the problem was solved cheaply in 1 hour’s time. Now a permanent wall will look nice, and a bathroom in the basement behind the wall would be even nicer.

These videos will show how to use an electric jackhammer to drill the hole, finding and cutting the sewer pipe, show attaching a Fernco coupling, and plumbing layout and glueing the PVC pipes.

Drilling the actual holes took surprisingly little time. It’s lucky we hit the pipe the first hole, and were easily able to cut the pipe with a diamond blade. Most of the time involved fitting, then glueing the PVC, because the pipes fitted slightly off the markers and only one piece at a time works. And remember the slope, too.

Mr. Hardware knows what he’s doing, OK? So, it took him 3 days to do the ender-floor plubing.
1st day – 2 hours to drill cement floor, 4 hours to dig out holes, 1 hour to cut sewer pipe, 1 hour to attach Fernco.
2nd day – PVC work for sink, toilet and shower
3rd day – backfill and cement floor

1 Introduction Basement Bathroom – plan, dig, layout sink, toilet, shower

2 Basement Bathroom layout, move floor jacks, shim temp studs

3 Basement Bathroom Electric Jack Hammer, Drill break cement floor

4 Basement Bathroom cut iron sewer line – Sawzall, angle grinder

5 Basement Bathroom, pipe fitting Fernco, glue PVC plumbing

6 Basement Bathroom PVC glueing, staking and backfill, tamping