Door Sweep Install Stops Cold, Dirt and Pests

Door sweeps prevent infiltration of air, dirt and bugs. If the floor is cold near your door, a sweep seals the space at the bottom and protects your home. It installs quickly and easily, costing less than $10.

You will need a hack saw or scissors to cut the sweep to size, tape to hold the sweep while you screw it in position, a drill for pilot holes, and a screwdriver.

If there is not a sweep already on the door, examine the threshold. If the threshold is at the level of the floor or above it, you won’t be able to use a door sweep, so try attaching weather stripping to the door or threshold itself.

You may have to remove the door, or maybe not, it depends on the sweep you use.

1 Measure the door width to buy a sweep as wide as the door. Cut the sweep 1/8 inch narrower at each end to prevent binding in the corners. Use the hack saw to cut metal sweeps, and scissors for vinyl.
2 Lock or shut the door so when you position the sweep you will be sure it isn’t hard to shut or lock later.
3 Set the door sweep so the metal strip is lined up with the bottom of the door and the vinyl sweep hangs underneath. Hold it in place with tape.
4 Drill pilot holes and attach the sweep with the included screws, or use 1/4 to 1/2 inch screws.
5 Test the door and adjust the sweep if the door doesn’t work properly.

This job is pretty easy for all the comfort you receive.