Tighten a Loose Kwikset Door Handle – Hidden Release under the Rose

Kwikset made doorknob sets with hidden screws, hidden under the inside trim (the rose) which usually slides off when the knob is removed.

Only on these models the knob does not remove when a small tab is depressed below the knob because there is no notch or tab to depress. What this model uses is a release lever that attaches the knob and trim to the door that is hidden under the trim, which needs to be snapped off to expose the lever.

I believe they don’t use this system anymore however there are plenty of these knob sets out there that need to be maintained.

Tighten loose door handles and find the hidden screws for models by Kwikset, Schlage, Yale, Defiant, Ezset and Mortice lock sets.

These door handles need you to figure and locate how some door locks work with secret levers, hidden screws and plates that move.

The varieties of operation is impressive, and require some ingenuity to understand. Follow these tips to tighten your door handles by finding the hidden screws.