Dust Bag for Drilling

A dust bag for drilling dust can be made from painter’s blue masking tape and a #5 paper bag to capture the mess. Drill dust falls into bag taped to the wall just below the spot to be drilled. Be careful when taping on fresh paint. Fresh paint is prone to peeling off a surface before it has cured for 3 to 5 days for suitable bonding.

I got into all kinds of trouble installing a handrail on our freshly painted stairway. I was drilling holes for the handrail bracket anchors and the customer thought I dumped five-pounds of plaster on the stair carpeting.

A. Your situation does not require more power tools to capture the dust from your drilling. You can tell the wife you will ‘bag it’ and get the job done.

When drilling, use as slow a speed as possible to minimize scattering of plaster dust. Do not push hard and you will get a finer, more accurate hole without blowing out the backside of the wall.

Tip 246: For tape, you can reduce the glue of the standard yellow masking tape by touching it to the carpet a few times to coat it with dust and fuzz to reduce the adhesion strength.