Floor Air Deflectors for effective heating and cooling.

Floor air deflectors come in a variety of sizes and shapes so it is easy to direct the air so it circulates around a room. The goal here is to stir the air in a room so it mixes throughout the area. See Humidity in house for more.

You should prevent air from blowing directly on furniture and drapes. That hinders the flow of air in the room because the obstruction slows the velocity of the air. Try to send the air the long way around the room. This will help even the temperature for more comfort.

Deflecto makes a magnetic floor deflector, model 40, with your problem in mind. A clear rectangular deflector directs airflow away from the wall and towards the ceiling.

When air conditioning in the summer, airflow directed towards the ceiling will disperse stratified warm air providing more even cooling in the home. For older homes with wall registers, we recommend an oversized deflector to direct air towards the ceiling. Deflecto model 51 is oversized for better air deflection.