Hair Clog in drain

Hair clogs are removed with Enforcer 10 Minute Hair Clog Remover. It has a hair dissolving formula that is effective on bathroom hair in the drain like a sink clog or bathtub clog. It is safer to use than the caustic drain cleaners and is much more effective than the popular “As seen on TV” products.

10 Minute Hair Care works best at night or when the tub will not be used for a while. Pour six ounces of the cleaner in the drain and wait ten minutes. Then flush briefly with cold water and take the night off. Two to three doses of this will clean most showers.

Start with several six-ounce treatments at one time to clear longer drain lines. The tub drain line usually runs from the drain in the tub to behind the toilet. This distance can vary from two feet to eight feet.

We recommend using several doses of Hair Care even though the tub will seem to drain well soon. A partially cleaned drain will flow great and most customers will quit the treatments. The problem is the drain line will clog again in six months or so. Additional doses will clean the pipe enough that the problem will be solved for a much longer time.