Non-Skid Porch

A non-skid porch can be made with non-skid paint made by adding sand. And non-skid porch tape needs the correct glue, because super Glue and 5-minute epoxies won’t work.

As you paint the steps, sprinkle a one-inch band of coarse silica sand on the wet paint at the front edge of the step. Paint over the silica sand and even it out. Be careful not to use too much sand.

And if you want non-skid tape on my porch steps, use a flexible adhesive? Many glues are too hard and brittle. When attaching a flexible strip to a dissimilar surface, use a flexible glue.

Loctite Weatherstrip Adhesive is ideal when gluing dissimilar materials that have some surface area. It reminds me of a thick contact cement that does not melt rubber or foam.

Apply a generous bead to the non-skid tape and position it place. Push down firmly and then lift it up for 15 seconds. Then reposition it and press hard to force out any air bubbles. Leave the tape alone for a day and your strips should be down for good.

Tip: Work out of a paint pail with just enough paint for the steps and the front of the porch so you do not contaminate the rest of the paint

Tip: Do not put the silica sand in the paint. It will sink to the bottom of the can and be difficult to apply evenly.

For applying sand over a larger area, poke holes in a coffee can and use it like a giant saltshaker.