How to remove yellow jacket bees – discussion with pro exterminator

Yellow jacket bees are in my basement and 1st floor living area. I don’t know where they are coming from or how to get rid of them. I called Gilbert’s Hardware for their best bug exterminator. Super Pest Control was referred.

Steve came out and said bees in the basement and other floors usually means they are on the roof, between the chimney and house because that gives access to all the floors, not just one area.

He shot powder into the entrance behind the flashing where the roof-chimney met. The idea is to block the hole with the powder. This makes them search for other entrances so you will shoot powder into those holes, too.

The bees will dig through those blocked holes and take the poison into the nest. Once the poison is distributed around, the yellow jackets die, or never come back to this contaminated area.