Quikrete Epoxy Garage and Basement Floor Painting

The most important aspect of applying any floor finish is proper preparation. Doing the prep prior to the project is paramount. The surface must be clean if one expects a product to adhere to concrete and not peel when hot car tires turns on it. See video for Cleaning/Etching Floor.

Wax, oil, grease and other contaminants will prevent any finish from bonding to a surface.

And be cautious when using acidic cleaners. Always have plenty of water to rinse off cleaner that may come in contact with skin.

Mixing the product is easy. Add the hardener to the paint, which can be pre-color tinted, stir completely, and let sit 30-minutes with the lid on loosely.

For a more even finish, roll out of a roller pan. If you use the faster the pour-and-push method, be certain to spread the product out evenly. It is easy to leave small puddles of epoxy if you are not very careful.

Use the flakes for a decorative finish as the epoxy is being rolled on the floor. Remember not to use the flakes in an environment where small parts are being assembled because the flakes will make finding them on the floor close to impossible.