Remove latex paint

To remove latex paint on metal fixtures, use almost any paint stripper.  Latex paint removal can harm the protective lacquer finish that helps prevent some metals like brass from tarnishing depending on the sealer (cheap) used by the manufacturer.

What I’ve used to remove latex paint and not remove the lacquer finish is a product called Goof Off. We have been using it to remove latex off varnished surfaces for over 30 years. It is a mild solvent best applied with a soft cloth. Don’t rush the job; it may take several coats for Goof Off to soften the latex paint.

Once the old paint softens it will wipe away easily. The protective finish of brass would survive this procedure. If the protective lacquer melts you’ll have to apply some clear lacquer or other sealer to keep the brass tarnish free.

I’ve been using this product to remove paint splatters off baseboards.