Furnace monitor for $25 by Honeywell, Winter Watchman plug-in

The Honeywell Winter Watchman is a simple furnace solution to notify a house watcher that there is a heat problem in the home. It’s easy to install and operate, needing only an outlet on an interior wall and a lamp in the front window.

It operates by setting the dial to the temperature you determine to be too low. When that temperature drops to that level, it signals by turning on a lamp. It doesn’t need batteries, requires no expertise, costs less than $25 and protects your home from frozen and bursting pipes. The neighbor doesn’t have to do frequent checks; just look out the window or do a drive-by. It’s more convenient and discreet than a thermometer in the window. If the worry is a power failure, then an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) unit is one common answer. It’s cheap, effortless to operate, works and gives you peace-of-mind.