Scotch Tape Removal From Wall

Scotch tape removal from wall takes a little experimenting to determine which of these methods will work best for you. Tape removal from aluminum siding

To remove scotch tape, first, try a heat gun or a household hair dryer to soften the glue enough to enable you to remove the scotch tape by pealing the tape off the wall. The heat gun will work faster except it could also peal the paint off the wall if you get it too hot.

Next proposition is an all purpose adhesive remover by Magic American called Goo Gone. The drawback of using this on latex paint is it could leave a smudge in the paint. Higher quality paints will have a better chance of surviving the chemical in the Goo Gone than inexpensive paint.

If your walls are painted with an oil-based paint, try Goof Off to remove any glue residue Goo Gone could not. An old time latex paint remover is tried and true. It can do damage to some paints, so test a small area before using on the middle of a wall.

These tricks work best if the paint job on your daughter’s room is less than five years old. If it is older than that, prepare yourself for some painting. The length of time the tape was on the wall will have something to do with your success.

Next time give her some Fun Tack to attack posters and light pictures. A blue rubbery adhesive that sticks to almost any surface and removes without a trace.

If tape must be used, try 3M’s blue masking tape. It can be removed without leaving a tape residue.

Fun Tack is a must for college students in dorm rooms.