Spring Maintenance

1 Clean gutters and assure downspouts are attached and extended away from the house.

2 Contact air-conditioning professional to service the system.

3 Check roof for damage, roof vent blockages, animal nests and over-hanging branches.

4 Inspect chimney for damage to cap, flashing and masonry, and schedule cleaning.

5 Check windows and outside walls for condition of paint, caulk and putty.

6 Check around foundation that the grading is sloping away from the house.

7 Check crawl space for adequate ventilation to remove excess moisture.

Note: Dry a wet crawl space and basement by raising soil pitch around house.

8 Check attic for signs of animals and roof leaks.

9 Clean and seal decks as necessary. Check boards and railings.

10 Lubricate all doors and hinges.

11 Check ground fault circuit interrupters to make sure they can be tripped and reset.

12 Review with family the fire escape plan, and post near telephone the emergency numbers.

13 Replace batteries in smoke detectors and check fire extinguishers for expiration.