Sump pump in crawl space with mud filtered 5 gallon bucket as sump pit

Sump pumps in crawl spaces can be portable or fixed, temporary or permanent.

Standing water needs to be investigated as to the cause. That will determine how you address the problem. I needed to remove the water so I can find the source of the water – landscape issues, pipes, run off from my neighbor.

If the crawl space floor is not flat, and there are a couple of low areas, you will need portable pumps. Later you must level the entire area, and direct the water to only one central pump.

I will place the pump at the lowest point of my crawl space. I must dig a sump pit in the mud to set a 5 gallon bucket with mud-filtering fiber around the bucket, drop in a pump, attach a hose, plug into a GFI outlet and let it run. Then I will find the source of the water before I can decide on a solution.

1 Drill a lot of 3/16 inch holes into the sides a 5 gallon bucket – not in the bottom.

2 Cover the outside of the bucket with furnace filter material.

3 Attach the filter with zip ties or wire, and tighten.

4 Dig the sump pit at the lowest point of the crawl space. DO NOT dig the hole too near the outside foundation wall.

5 Anchor the bucket in position in the pit, as deep as possible, to prevent it from floating when empty.

6 Connect the discharge hose.

7 Drop in the pump with the hose connected.

8 Plug into a GFCI.

If you suspect the water from a septic source, do not discharge the water onto your lawn.