Thermopane Window Repair

Thermopane window repair for condensation can partially be done by you.  Disassemble the thermopane window, replace the glass and the thermopane window assembly is put back together. Make sure you mark the rails so you can re-assemble them in the same order that they came apart. You would be surprised at how easy it is to reassemble a frame with one rail backwards.

When the frame is off the thermopane you can measure it to order a new one. Be careful because the glass is sharp. Measurements are critical; width, height and thickness must be exact.

Once you get to the glass, do not expect to save the thermopane unit. They are factory sealed with a desiccant to prevent moisture from forming. Long ago we tried to save some thermopanes only to find them fogged worse months later.
If you cannot get the frame apart but you can get it out of the window opening, bring it to our store or any glass shop. It will be measured so the replacement thermopane unit can be ordered.

We then reassemble your window with the old thermopane so you can put it back it in your house while the new unit is being ordered. The new unit will come in about a week and we will arrange to swap the new unit for the old while you wait.

If you can get the unit out of the frame safely, you should be able to reassemble it without much problem. This will save you about 30% of the price of a repair done in a store.