Toilet tank filling problems and repairs – Fluidmaster fill valve fix

Toilets have filling, non-filling or slow-filling problems. Toilet filling issues can be caused by a block with debris, leakage, worn parts like seals, water supply line kinks, fill and drain valve issues, or the water level may need adjustment. A toilet is fairly simple, so inspecting the parts can reveal most problems.

Today, we’re talking about the Fluidmaster 400. It is a common toilet replacement, and their products are carried at all hardware stores. Before you start your fix, turn off the toilet water (supply) valve.

Replacing washers and seals (like the #242, or Pro22) are easy enough for the DIY person. First, turn off the toilet water valve. Remove the upper cap to expose the washer. Use a twist to unscrew the cap from the tabs. But be sure you hold the upper portion of the fill valve stem or you will only be changing the height of the unit.

Debris in the valve can be removed by blowing it out. Turn off the toilet water valve, take off the fill valve top cap, cover the top with your hand and have someone slowly turn the water valve back on to push out the blockage. If the water doesn’t flow or is slow, ream it out or replace the fill valve for $10.

The water level adjustment on the Fluidmaster can be done by twisting the unit’s base up or down to change the height.

If leaks, kinking or loose hoses are the issue, a simple look will solve most mysteries.