What to lubricate on your garage door – oil, silicone, chain lube, grease

Look at the moving parts of the garage door panels and overhead track system because you have to lube each one every couple of years.

Lubricate all moving parts with oil because it lasts longer, and it flows to those active areas – motor oil is fine.

Put some drops of oil on each hinge, bearing, roller, shafts, springs, rollers – but not the nylon wheels.

The extension or torsion spring should be lubricated or “wet.” As it dries, it creates greater wear when the coils compresses under high tension.

Clean the track, then use a light spray of silicone on each side of the track.

Use chain lube on chains, and grease on a screw drive.

Test your springs manually by disconnecting the opener, and a man can raise it with one arm.

The doors very rarely fall closed because there is no tension when the door is raised.