Install replacement septic field with Infiltrator system and lift pump for leach field

My family has had a place on Harsens Island since 1957 off the Middle Channel. I’ve been going there for over 56-years and I love it there. But it needed the septic system fixed.

I had done some repairs to the old field by adding a drain tile here and there but the problem was age and the depth of the field being below grade. As we added soil to improve the grade around the cottage, we were pushing the existing septic field farther and farther below grade.

Now the field is over 20” below grade which puts it into the water table so when there are 2-day rains the field is flooded with water.

I will install a 200-gallon ‘lift tank’ next to the existing concrete septic tank. I’ll let the septic tank drain into the lift tank and I can pump the effluent into a new, higher leach field. As I researched “leach fields” I found The Infiltrator System plastic domes (about 4’ long that interlock) that are buried as shallow as 15” deep. It uses no fabric or stones and will handle more effluent for a longer period of time than the standard drain tile in a stone bed.