Add a wall hanging laundry tub and standpipe with an air admittance valve

Older laundry tubs drain the washing machine leaving dirt and soap scum stains.

Discharging the rinse water into a standpipe keeps the tub clean. Using an air admittance valve ensures the tub will drain smoothly and gives you a clean-out. And the hanging unit allows for adjusting the height higher or lower, and removes the legs being on the floor.

Some points and tips:
– the standpipe should be 30 – 36 inches to prevent water overflow
– deburr cut PVC pipe as lint and material will catch to create blockages
– glued PVC needs a twist to assure a good connection
– use a carbide bit for masonry walls
– it is best and easier to drill a smaller hole first, then drill the correct size hole
– put the tub’s trap on before the lower plumbing for correct measurements
– after connections are hand-tightened, run hot to check for leaks, then tighten again
– the air admittance valve prevents air lock, and sewer gas odor