Wall hangers of nails, molly, toggles, EZ anchors can hold 5–50 lbs

Light duty wall hangers can hold a lot of weight and can be used for different solutions.

A simple nail properly set can hold over 10 pounds. If you add a picture hook with the nail, it supports twice the load.

A plastic anchor is ribbed and won’t pull out of the wall and give enough strength for 20 pounds. Use a long enough screw so the anchor wings spread out to hold.

TIP: use a screwdriver to make the hole in wall board instead of a drill for a quick set.

The molly, toggles and EZ anchors will hold 50 pounds or more if the wallboard they are attached to is thick enough to not let them rip out of the wall.

Finally, adding a molly hook will add additional weight support as well as giving better purchase to the item you are hanging and fits to most wall hangers.

Of course, if you found a stud in the wall, you don’t need most wall hangers.