Drain Pipe Blockage Cleared with Muriatic Acid – Sump Pump Deposits

Muriatic acid will clear sump pump deposits in drain pipes by dissolving the blockages. These calcium buildups form over time to restrict water flow.

Muriatic acid creates a strong chemical reaction to breakdown the calcium deposits in the discharge pipes – and creates heat.

Muriatic acid is dangerous and needs to be used with safety equipment and according to the manufacturer’s instructions to remove the blockage and deposits.

Muriatic acid will damage metal pipes over time, but not PVC pipes.

Please remember that muriatic acid should be poured into water to avoid the acid splashing up.

Because the muriatic acid poured in the pipe will sit at the lowest point in the line, after the 10 minutes of sitting in the discharge pipe, add a gallon of water to the pipe to move the muriatic acid down the line to the next low point for a possible blockage.

If a muriatic acid dose hasn’t unclogged sump pump discharged line, repeat the process.

The second application should shift virtually every clog in a drain. If not, then you’ll need to have the drain snaked or start digging to replace the pipe.

You can either do this yourself or get a pro.