How To Build a Great Outside Yard Sump Pit on the Cheap

If the yard floods after hard rain, bad drainage, or high lake water level, a backyard sump pump may be the answer to move that water out.

A sump pump in the yard will collect the water from one area and pump it away to another area to drain, or into a storm sewer, or into the lake.

Be careful it is not from a septic source. If so, discharge the water from the sump pump to a sanitary sewer.

To set up the sump pump, dig the sump pit at the lowest point of the flooded yard big enough for a 5 gallon bucket or some similar receptacle to collect and hold the water. Drill holes in the top half of the receptacle so the water flowing into the pit isn’t as muddy to clog the pump.

Place landscape cloth around the dirt of the hole. Pour rock between the receptacle and the cloth. Drop in the sump pump and attach the discharge hose. Plug the sump pump into a GFI outlet for safety. The sump pump and sump pit can be covered with decorative brick. I glued mine together to make it permanent, but still allow access for maintenance.

Don’t let water pool around your house foundation. Rain and water must be moved 6 to 10 feet from the exterior of your home.