Sump Pump Yard Mud Filter to Protect, Remove Water For Work In Hole

To drain a sump pit for a dry place to work, you need a furnace filter and utility sump pump to remove the water.

Choose where you want to pump the water – into a pipe, drain or somewhere.

  1. Place a piece of furnace filter cut-to-size in the muddy hole.
  2. Put a non-switch utility pump (no on-off) that sucks from the bottom.
  3. Run the sump pump until the hole is dry. Remember to unplug it after use because it won’t shut off.
  4. Wash off the furnace filter with a hose.
    The furnace filter is $6 and can be cleaned with water and reused.
    A pedestal sump pump system where the pump sits above sump pit and draws the water out through a pipe or hose may work, too. But you need to monitor the small intake tube filter.