Make Home-Made Oil Based Primer for Wood Penetration, Sealing, Protection

Make oil based primer to penetrate, protect and seal wood. And get rid of old paint.

Making your own primer will save money and time, as well as improved penetration, sealing and protection. The paint on the shelf may be the same color, so you can improve coverage and time. And it’s a good way to use up old oil based paint laying around rather than buying some.
Oil based primers are best for worn, bare or unfinished wood because they protect and seal porous surfaces by penetrating deeper and dry slower for protection and better coverage.
Choose paint with the proper finish of flat, semi or gloss.

  1. Add about 10% Penetrol or linseed oil to allow better penetration and smooth the flow.
  2. Add about 10% paint thinner to reduce thickness.
  3. You want it thin so it will seep into the porous wood to seal and protect the fibers.
    Latex primers just don’t do as well because they dry too fast, don’t have wood preservatives and can’t penetrate as well.
    Oil based primers are good for wood that is:
  4. New or varnished
  5. Badly weathered or worn
  6. Bleeding like redwood
  7. Chalky
  8. Bathrooms and damp rooms
  9. Exterior or high use areas
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