Tips to Paint Doors Faster, Better, Easier – Remove Hardware, Weatherstripping

paint doors faster and better with easy removal of hardware and weather stripping. Speed up and improve painting the door by removing obstacles.

Painting doors quicker and easier happens when there is nothing in the way. Don’t leave locks or weather stripping on a prehung door to paint around them. No one wants to do it; you just want to cut around it. You will paint doors faster and easy by removing hardware and weather stripping, like this prehung door. If there is a reason for not removing painting obstacles, like weather striping is glued or nailed, you have little choice. But if it’s time or effort, both would be saved by taking this step. And the painted door will look much better and the paint job will go smoother by removal of the weather stripping and hardware. And no ugly paint on the door knob.