Reach Tight Places with Steel Wool on Bit, Drill to Clean, Polish, Remove

Make your own steel wool wire wheel tool bit to clean, polish or remove stuff from metal, wood or other materials by using a drill bit to reach in tight spots. You can’t always get to some places to clean rust, polish metal, or remove paint on wood.

Make the steel wool drill bit by:

1. Choose a large drill bit.

2. Wind steel wool onto the bit.

3. Attach the bit to your drill.

4. Run the drill bit with steel wool over the material to clean, polish or remove.

This wad of fine wire will let you work in small areas.

Steel wool is also called wire wool, wire sponge, wire wool or steel wire. The fine, sharp steel filaments started use in the 1890’s. Today it comes in grades of coarseness – #0000 to #4.