3 Best Useful Power Tools – Versatile, Affordable for New Home

These 3 versatile power tools are the best for a new homeowner because they are also affordable and useful for many jobs.

1) A Drill This drill is the most used power tool of yours. You would be satisfied with a decent corded power drill.

The drill is for making holes, attaching, assembly, building, hanging, pre-drilling for sinking screws and tightening bolts. There are unlimited attachments – digging holes to plant seeds, cleaning, drilling around corners.

Everyone likes cordless due to convenience of the lithium-ion combo pack of both a drill and drill driver with extra batteries. The first drill should be a hard-working corded drill so you don’t wait to recharge batteries to finish important jobs ever.

2) Circular Saw The circular saw cuts, and is best straight and works fantastic with the right blade. For the DIY, a circular saw can do 90% of the projects using the required blade.

3) Reciprocating Saw You really need it when you need it. The reciprocating, saber saw I recommend for beginners because you will use all your life for problems when you need it.

Assorted saw blades will cut through almost anything, at bad angles. The reciprocating saw works for pipe, a board with rusty bolts, nails in an old staircase, cutting into walls and to trim trees with a pruning blade.

The saber reciprocating saw isn’t for fine cuts but instead is versatile and light. If you want demolition for home improvement – pull out something old to put in something new – you’ll always enjoy this saw.