Waterproof Your Basement or Crawlspace in a Day to Drain and Dry Out

The most common cause of wet basements and crawl spaces is improper grade of landscaping and low dirt around the house.

If the soil or the driveway pitch towards the house, it allows all the rain water to flow up against the building and then down to the footings eventually causing a wet basement. Crawl spaces aren’t exempt, if there is a puddle against the foundation you can bet there is a puddle inside the crawl. These are the kind of homes I used to buy. I’d get a better price purchasing because I’d use the high cost of waterproofing as a negotiating tool. Then by re-landscaping all the way around the house I’d redirect the rain to flow away. Typically $150 worth of soil per wall did the trick. If the drive is miss-pitched towards the house I’d have it mud-jacked and raised to flow water away further drying up the basement.