Lamp repair, fix socket, replace cord, overheating damages wiring

Fixing a lamp, repairing the socket or replacing the cord is easy, but electricity can be is dangerous.

Replace a lamp socket:
1. Unplug lamp, remove harp.
2. Remove the socket shell by squeezing the weak area near the thumb switch, or force it apart with a flat screwdriver at the socket base.
3. Pull out the socket switch to expose the wires enough to work on it. Try tightening the wires as that may solve your problem.
4. Unscrew the wires. Lamps have a brass screw to the black hot wire and silver screw to the white wire.
5. Screw the wires to the proper terminals onto the new socket – single or 3way socket. Tighten them twice.
6. Put the socket shell back on and set the cover back on securely.
7. Plug it in.

WARNING: The wires can electrocute and or shock you if wiring is wrong. The lamp may still light even if the wires are switched, but the hot is exposed on the socket contact.

Lamp cords don’t usually have colored wires on them. Before you remove the wires from the old switch, check the color screw on each wire that is connected to the terminals.