Epoxy to Cement Stone Goose Head

I used epoxy to cement a stone goose head that broke clean off at the neck without any little pieces. It’s a good cement adhesive to glue stone. One of the strongest waterproof glues that will bond to cement is an epoxy. They come in some colors so you can usually find one to match the basic shade of your goose. Avoid the very thick epoxies because they will prevent the surfaces from coming completely together.

It will be hard to clamp pieces of a statue together. Prop up the base so the head balances on the neck. Partially burying the goose in a sandbox could be the ticket. Make sure the surfaces are not crumbling or dusting. If they are soft or sandy, prime the surfaces with clear shellac.

Epoxies come in a two-part pack of a resin and a hardener. Once mixed together, they will harden in a set amount of time. Some work in mere minutes, others in twenty-four hours.

Mix both parts of the epoxy on a flat surface with a flat metal blade. A flat screwdriver or a pocketknife works well. Be sure to combine both parts well, most failures are due to poor mixing. Apply a thin layer to both surfaces.
Position the head on to the neck and push down firmly. Let the epoxy ooze out but do not attempt cleaning off at this time. You will only make a mess. Trim the excess bead of epoxy tomorrow after it is hard.

Tip 253: Save the surface you mixed the epoxy on. Use it to gauge when the epoxy may be hardened before you disturb the goose’s head. A loosened glue joint ruins the strength of the repair.