Garage Door Emergency Release

A garage door release is useful during power outages, broken door opener, or door assist spring malfunction. Use a GARAGE DOOR EMERGENCY RELEASE KIT rather than breaking a window to get into, or out of, the garage.

Whatever the problem is, you can release the garage door opener from outside by installing a GARAGE DOOR EMERGENCY RELEASE KIT. The most difficult part of the installation is drilling a 3/4″ hole through the top panel of the door, and it is not all that hard.

The cylinder housing mounts to the garage door just below where the ‘J’ arm from the door closer connects. A couple of 3/16″ holes for the mounting bolts to secure the small housing and the job is almost done.

Attach the included cable to the carriage release handle inside the garage. This is the pull-cord where the door closer attaches to the garage door. When the cord is pulled, the garage door is released from the door opener and the door can be opened manually.

Once this kit is installed, the key cylinder can be removed from outside the door and pulling on the cable will release the ‘J’ arm from the door opener.