Garage Door Grease

Garage door grease must be put on the bearings, not the tracks. The garage door squeaking is from the wheel and axle. Don’t grease the tracks.

The problem people apply oil to the wrong area. You do not oil the ground because the wagon-wheel squeaks. You oil the bearings between the wheel and the axle. Use heavyweight oil or a white lithium grease on the wheel bearings.

The grease in the tracks gum-up and cause drag on the wheels. Clean the tracks with a little paint thinner (mineral spirits) on a rag to remove the grease.
While you are at it put a drop of oil on each side of all the hinges and where the wheels fit to the door. You can also oil the bearings on the main spring or the pulleys depending on the type of door balances you have.

Run the door up and down a few times to work in the oil. While raising the door, check the alignment of the door as it moves.

Does the door pull one-way or the other? A bent track, tilting garage or misadjusted tension spring can cause a door to bind or drag when moving.

Spring tip 151: while you are oiling, walk around the house with the light oil and put a drop on every door hinge, storm door closer pivots, and gate hinges. A zoom spout oilier is very handy for getting into hard to reach places.