Fast woodgrain antiquing effect with stain

A quick way to cover a surface to look like old wood is to give a faux antiquing effect with paint stain. You only need a brush.

  1. Apply the base coat of paint with a gloss finish, like satin or semi-gloss, because a flat finish will not work. Using a brush for the undercoat will add an aged-look, or a foam roller gives a smooth finish.
  2. Brush on the stain, using a rag or paper to remove too much stain.
  3. The idea is to “pull” the stain with the brush. And the bristles should be pressed lightly on the surface when pulling the stain.
  4. The stain dries very slowly. Mistakes can be fixed easily by adding or removing stain. Dab off the excess.
  5. Add a second coat; it usually helps, but isn’t necessary.
  6. Cover with a coat of polyurethane for protection.