New Bathroom Has Smell of Mold and Mildew, Why?

Six weeks ago we had a new bathroom sink installed. Approximately, 3 weeks ago we noticed a smell, similar to mold or mildew and sometimes like sewer gas, coming from the drain in the new sink. We never had this problem with the old sink which we had for thirty years.Is it possible the new sink was installed incorrectly and is there a permanent way to correct this problem?

Gloria, the source of the odor is a mold or spore growing in the drain area from the sink’s overflow drain compartment. The overflow connects to the drain in a double walled area that, by design, retains some standing water. It is this standing water, cold and dark, that provides a medium for growing mold. Use Enforcers Drain Care, an enzyme drain buildup remover to cleanse this area. The enzymes will ‘live’ off the crud accumulated there and remove the source of the smell. Mix one ounce of Enforcer Liquid Drain Care (or one scoop of powered Drain Care) with a pint of warm water. Then with a funnel pour the solution of enzyme drain cleaner into the overflow hole. Do not fret if you lose some of the product into the sink, it will only help clean the trap and drains. Let this sit overnight and ‘flush’ the following day with warm water. Repeat the procedure two more times and your sink should be ‘fresh as a daisy’. Never use this procedure with a caustic drain cleaner; this is for enzyme drain cleaners only. If there is any doubt call the 800 number on the product, or consult a reliable sales representative.

Enzymes are also the best cleaners for a ‘stinky’ disposal. Mix a quart of warm water with two ounces of enzyme drain cleaner. Pour the mixture into a running disposal then turn it off. Let sit overnight and voila! You will have a clean disposal and cleaner drain lines. To properly clean drains filled with disposal ‘sludge’ you will need at least three applications before they show improved drainage.