Zud is The Best Heavy Duty Cleanser

Zud is a safe solution for rust and mineral stains and grease buildup on hard surfaces. Zud has crud cutting properties manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser of Parsippany, NJ. Rust stains

Zud does heavy removals:
1. scorched and caked grease on pot/ pan bottoms using pumice and finely ground quartz.
2. rust and minerals using concentrated oxalic acid.
3. those blue/green mineral stains on porcelain sinks and tubs.
4. dried latex and oil based paints from laminates like flooring and formica.

It is non-chlorine based, but is abrasive and can scratch. Zud contains oxalic acid, also known as wood bleach, which removes stubborn stains like few other products. Although oxalic acid is a naturally occurring organic acid, it is considered a poison. Do not use if you have a septic system because it will kill the bacteria.

Food stains are removed with chlorine bleach like Ajax®, but rust stains are not with chlorine bleach. Warning! Do not mix Zud with other household chemicals, particularly with chlorine bleaches or ammonia.

I have removed raspberry and beet stains on my kitchen counter, stubborn stains in the shower and tar stains on a white car. I had a stain in my stainless steel sink that nothing else would remove, but I used this and it took it right off. And I’ve tried to remove rust in my toilet bowl, but this is the only one that did it. Zud is mild and will not harm the surfaces and cleans up quickly and easily. Zud cleans copper, bronze, chromium, brass, aluminum, pewter, iron, ceramic and stainless steel. Zud is good for cleaning storm doors and windows. Zud does not require a great deal of scrubbing, or much muscle.

A. Powder – ZUD® Heavy Duty is an abrasive powder to clean stains, grease, and mineral deposits outdoors.
B. Cream – ZUD® Multi-Purpose is a creamy formula that removes baked-on grease and grime, plus dissolves soap scum and mineral stains in the bathroom.
C. Liquid – ZUD® Liquid works on surfaces like porcelain, fiberglass, plastic laminates, stainless steel, chrome, glass and synthetic marble in the kitchen.

To clean stains, apply to the stained areas and brush using a toilet brush or plastic pad. Add more water to area to allow the stained areas to be covered with ZUD solution. After the wet solution has set for about 60-90 minutes, clean the area with the brush and either flush or rinse away the solution.

Beware! It works because of its composition of oxalic acid and abrasives of very fine ground quartz and pumice. The quartz and pumice abrasives may harm mirrored stainless steel surfaces. On fiberglass, plastics and countertops, use very light scrubbing.