Hole in wall repair, patch tricks and tips for tools, primers and technique

The work is 15 minutes, the process takes a couple of hours.

The materials needed:

  • Primer
  • Large putty knife
  • Drywall patching compound
  • Wall hole patch kit
  • Hair Dryer
  • Wet sponge
  • Paint and paint primer
  • Paint roller

Prepare – apply primer paint after you remove any loose drywall around the edges of the hole. Let dry.

Wall patch – remove the backing paper from the sticky side of the wall patch. Apply the sticky side of the wall hole patch around the edges of the hole.

Tip – If you patch doesn’t stick, try wetting it slightly or use a little patching compound in the corners.

1st – use large putty knife to liberally apply to the drywall compound. Start by covering the patch and work your way out so all edges of the wall patch are covered. Then feather out compound beyond the patch.  Let dry.

Note – The compound will create a rise around the hole.

2nd – cover the wall patch again. Smooth out and feathering the edges so it blends with the wall. Let dry.

3rd – final coat of compound for smooth finish. Let dry.

Sponge – use damp sponging to remove rough compound rather than dusty sandpaper.

Bapping – to give the surface texture, apply small amount of compound to a clean, damp sponge and tap the surface of the smooth, repaired wall until the desired effect. Let dry.

Paint, prime – use quality products for good results. Let dry.